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"from the start of the tune yah

lyrically come like Kwame nkrumah

informing the youts and securing their future

it's forward we moving, time we talk revolution..."

ANDRE JAHNOI - weeping and wailing


sesa wo suban

Adinkra symbols, originating in the Akan cultures of modern-day Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire, are effectively a visual language, with each image representing and conveying a particular concept or value. Sesa Wo Suban, often translated as “change or transform your character”, is actually the visual and metaphorical amalgamation of two separate adinkra symbols. The ‘morning star’ motif is used to represent a new start, while the symbol of the ‘wheel’ symbolises independent movement and self-determination of direction. Thus, marrying these two concepts, Sesa Wo Suban is a symbol of life transformation, encouraging people (particularly the youth) to direct their actions to the pursuit and realisation of a positive change in both themselves and the world.

Not only does this project capture these ideas through its hard-hitting but uplifting revolutionary content, but it also serves both as a demonstration of the personal transformation and progress I have undergone and as an introduction to all that is to come!

Over nine chilled out lo-fi hip-hop beats from some of my favourite producers in the game, I use my lyrics to promote the beauty and upliftment of Afrikan peoples and culture, to spread warnings about the nature and dangers of the neo-colonial Babylonian power structures, and to advocate unity, self-sufficiency and knowledge of self as the keys to our freedom. All of this is delivered with great skill, creativity and catchiness, and showcasing my own unique musical style blending the complex lyricism of Hip hop with the energy and melody of Dancehall whilst maintaining the revolutionary Pan-Afrikan consciousness of roots reggae.

Alongside my own voice, the tape features guest vocals from an array of incredibly talented artists whom I’ve had the fortune to meet and create with, both in Oxford (phina, Jayder and Femi Nylander) and even as far as Colombia (Wilmer Coleccion and Jorge Movilla), adding greatly to the depth of sound and narrative.

Furthermore, throughout the project our lyrical content is supplemented by excerpts from a speech given on 4th June 1962 before the Nationalist Conference of African Freedom Fighters by Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, a shining light in the decolonial struggles of Afrika and an instrumental figure in the Ghanaian people becoming the first (of many) to throw of the shackles of (overt)(political) rule by Europeans. A shining light in botht the theory and practice of de-colonial politics, I am greatly inspired by Dr. Nkrumah and I chose him to speak on this tape not only because of his connection to Ghana (and therefore the Adinkra symbols and my ancestry) but because of the many parallels which can be found between the ideologies running through this project and those eposued by Nkrumah.

The quotations are not chosen or placed at random, but rather each sentence has been deliberately selected such that the content of his words support and extend upon the content of the track on which they appear, and the narrative of the tape as a whole. This link is further strengthened and encapsulated by my frequent lyrical referencing of Nkurmah’s famous mantra ‘Forwards Ever, Backwards Never!’, the influence of which is clear throughout the project.

Altogether, Sesa Wo Suban is the culmination of years of hard work honing my craft as A. Maluka, and nine months of grind and meticulous perfectionism as I tried to live up to my vision and create the perfect introduction to Andre Jahnoi. So, it’s also the start of something new, and I hope it can be the vehicle to affect the sort of personal and social change to which I aspire. I really appreciate if you take the time to check it out, listen to the messages, enjoy the sounds, and support me on this journey!


- andre jahnoi

André Jahnoi - (h)ours [Prod. ameba] (LYRIC VIDEO)
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