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Jahnoi - ጃንሆይ - Majesty

André Jahnoi is a Liverpool-born hip-hop artiste whose insurrectionary sound and philosophy are heavily influenced by his Afro-Jamaican heritage. He describes his music as decolonial, using lyricism as a means of challenging the babylon systems that bound the ways we imagine the world and our place in it.


Channelling inspirations ranging from Damian Marley to Lil Wayne to Walter Rodney, André's music combines Caribbean rhythm, wheel-and-come wordplay and radical Rastafari thought to provide the crucial soundtrack to the revolution. 

amandla ngawethu!

"i'm an anomaly, I never wanna be a wannabe

an oddity, never commodity,

system could never collar me in their economy or colony

maintain my sovereignty, pursue equality with no apology, I hope you follow me..."

ANDRE JAHNOI - Weeping and wailing


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