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"lot of my listeners complicit in the system

probably propping it up

but if they all start to move, it'll be demolished to dust

so we give em the groove so they nod and they jump..."

ANDRE JAHNOI - trad on



I remember as a youth how I often I fantasised about the feeling of standing before a crowd of roaring fans moving to my music. Having had the fortune to live that long-cherished dream for the first time as a first-year in Oxford, my motivation has not been curtailed in the slightest. Instead, the experience of moving the people with my lyrics in such a way has only served to deepen my desire to connect with minds and hearts through my art.

I've now performed in a variety of settings and locations, including soundclashes in Oxford clubs, street stageshows in the Jamaican hills, an intimate fire-lit beach-party on the island of Providencia and an underground cypher in New York. I am also very comfortable delivering my lyrics a capella in a poetry settings, as my words stand for themselves and I appreciate the focus afforded to the messages of the pieces; I have even had the great honour of opening for the legendary Mutabaruka in this capacity.

In the tradition of the reggae greats, I believe that an artist’s live show should be the pinnacle of their craft, as the most direct means by which to connect with the people for whom our messages are intended. So I study the legends and diligently practice and with each performance I further hone my craft, in pursuit of the perfect blend of entertainment and education. I am always striving to spread forth knowledge and positive vibes and so I appreciate any opportunity to hold a mic and expose new people to my messages!


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